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Susan Tooke

The paintings of Susan Tooke make us wish for warm weather and an adventure outdoors. They are wonderfully bright and happy, with plenty of energy.

Tooke's use of non local colours to abstractly depict Canadian landscapes take us to a different exotic land in every work. Each painting appears to have a colourful foundation that beautifully shows through the cracks in the earth and between tree leaves. The loose suggestion of nature and landscape without exact representation is what makes Tooke's work interesting. Also, complimentary colour really makes these works pop. The sketches, while probably studies, have a satisfying charm and sense of calm of their own due to the loose marks and muted colours against the white of the page.

Such a variation in colour palette in Tooke's work successfully creates a wide range of moods. They have a strong sense of movement and their vibrant compositions keep us entranced.

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