INTERVIEW: Carson Teal

Carson Teal is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. His work features audio and visuals that create immersive environments in physical and virtual spaces. He shared with us how changing his discipline helped him discover his path as an artist. Teal is represented by Pari Nadimi Gallery. What does an average day in the studio look like? Do you have a set routine, a preferred time to work, or anything that helps you get in the zone? I would say that everyday is different. I'm kind of all over the place, even physically because I have two separate rooms to work in. Music is an easy way to get something going and to get into the mood. Sometimes I'll listen to ambient music or classical,

Kaylee Dalton

Indiana based artist Kaylee Dalton creates mixed media encaustic collages that vibrate with rhythm and energy. Dalton's work features a lovely variety of textures and materials and she isn't afraid to combine a wide range of techniques to create her desired effect. Each work includes scrapes, splatters, smears, contour drawing, colour blocking, patterning, squiggles and washes all layered on top of each other. She pairs opposite elements against each other such as detailed line work and a large wash of pigment to create fascinating tension. The end result is complex yet delicate. Dalton's compositions seem abstract and obscure from a distance but familiar flora and natural elements reveal th

Jaynie Crimmins

Jaynie Crimmins is an artist based out of Brooklyn who repurposes shredded mail into sculptural assemblages. The works in Crimmins' series "Building a Blue Wall" are delicate yet dense. Their large mass of repurposed materials builds out in a circular formation, with alternating folds and colours to create pattern. Each piece appears labour intensive and carefully planned, with a final composition referencing the natural world, such as mushrooms, urchins, and flowers. Their titles make them advocates, with reference to women's rights, scientific research, and freedom of speech. As well, their blue colour assigns them a political stance and a powerful statement. Jaynie Crimmins offers a munda

EXHIBITION: April White's "With Very Little Space Between"

April White's show With Very Little Space Between was featured at the English Harbour Art Centre, which was originally an Anglican church and still holds its historic beauty. During the exhibition, the high ceilinged, naturally lit space was filled with faces sneezing, a ready to eat breakfast, and other moments of daily life that often pass unobserved. April White's work causes us to pause and consider our involuntary actions and mundane routines. Whether it is a commute, waking up, or her nose mid-sneeze, she freezes these moments, turning them into carefully considered watercolours and animations that transform the fleeting into the endless. White highlights the commonalities of life whil