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Kaylee Dalton

Indiana based artist Kaylee Dalton creates mixed media encaustic collages that vibrate with rhythm and energy.

Dalton's work features a lovely variety of textures and materials and she isn't afraid to combine a wide range of techniques to create her desired effect. Each work includes scrapes, splatters, smears, contour drawing, colour blocking, patterning, squiggles and washes all layered on top of each other. She pairs opposite elements against each other such as detailed line work and a large wash of pigment to create fascinating tension. The end result is complex yet delicate. Dalton's compositions seem abstract and obscure from a distance but familiar flora and natural elements reveal themselves with a closer look.

Kaylee Dalton conveys the potential for beauty within the uninhibited growth of the natural world. This, combined with a gorgeous colour palette, makes for a impressive and captivating body of work.

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