INTERVIEW: Jessica Groome

Jessica Groome is an artist who taught at the University of Guelph. She has moved from Toronto to Berlin and both her body of work and her dedication to her practice inspires us continually. She shared with us her thoughts about colour, artistic influences, and how collaboration has affected her practice. If you could collaborate with any artist, alive or dead, who would it be? The first person that comes to mind is Katharina Grosse. I admire her for the way that she uses painting and installation. I think she would be amazing to work with. I've also just watched a couple of videos of her working and she seems very energetic and sporadic, which is extremely different than the way that I wor

EXHIBITION: Drawing into Painting

Drawing into Painting, the solo show of Martin Pearce, opened at Birch Contemporary on September 8th. It was a wonderful evening full of familiar faces and exploring the impressive paintings. Pearce's work hangs in the main gallery space. When viewed at a distance, they appear almost plaster-like in material, but closer inspection makes the built up wax surface apparent. The evident brushstrokes in the wax reveal the process of application, which links them to the tradition of painting. The quick gestures required to apply the material to the support contrasts with the sharp, precise line work of tree like figures. This contrast was heightened when I discovered that the line work is filled w

Gavin Worth

Artist Gavin Worth is currently based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and is a self taught sculptor. His wire pieces are sleek and minimal with impossibly perfect line work, and we find them both beautiful and ethereal. Worth's sculptures portray the figure, with a focus on feminine features and facial expressions. His work depicts idealized, immaculately beautiful women through stylized contour lines that look drawn in space. He also often incorporates motifs such as foliage that surround or support the figures. Installation is crucial for these works as they are influenced by light and shadow, their surrounding environment, and the angle they are viewed at. For example, "And Light Fell On Her Fa

Claire Harvey

Claire Harvey is an artist based in Amsterdam who creates miniature two-dimensional drawings of people interacting with our three-dimensional world. They are delightfully delicate, and are effective both as individual drawings and as part of large installations of work! Harvey's subject matter showcases ordinary and anonymous people existing in a false reality, where they can stand on airplane wings or a sticky tack hilltop. These works effectively interact with carefully selected elements of the real world, and we especially love that you could get the materials for these drawings in any office supply store. This makes them both imaginative and original! Also, the fact that these works rely

EXHIBITION: The Free World

Currently on display at The Rooms is The Free World, an exhibition curated by Mireille Eagan. The show highlights the experiences of five Bulgarian artists who defected to Newfoundland and Labrador in the 1990s. These artists were part of the one percent that decided to stay out of the 3,000 Bulgarian refugees that landed at the Gander airport. The incredible artwork of Vessela Brakolova, Ellie Yonova, Luben Boykov, Elena Popova, and Veselina Tomova will be on display at The Free World until September 18th. Veselina Tomova' detailed, collage-like prints suggest narrative with symbolic imagery of animals, people, and houses. She also showcases animals such as a squid, mermaid, and goat on he

Bobbie Burgers

Vancouver based painter Bobbie Burgers creates large and expressive acrylic paintings of abstracted flowers. We think they are so lovely! Burgers' colour palette has a strong emphasis on vibrant primaries such as lemon yellow and ultramarine blue, which she cleverly contrasts with muted neutrals throughout each work. While the subject matter is clearly flowers, her use of dripping, smudging, and blending wonderfully abstracts each work. The larger than life scale of these paintings enables viewers to experience them in two ways: from afar, they present convincing and captivating flowers and up close, they offer a view of their confident brushstrokes and gestures. We think Bobbie Burgers' wor

Hey there, NL!

Hi there! I'm Emily, The Gathered Gallery's co-creator! I just graduated from the University of Guelph this spring, and after receiving my degree I moved back to my home province, Newfoundland and Labrador. The city of St. John's is my current home base, and this page is going to be dedicated to featuring exciting and talented artists working and exhibiting in this beautiful province. If you're an artist working in NL, please send me a line at I would love to hear about your work! #stjohnsblog

Hello Toronto!

Natalie here, one half of The Gathered Gallery! After graduating from The University of Guelph in April, I made the move to Toronto! Toronto is a busy city, with a fantastic art scene and my blog will feature some of the shows that I find most engaging! I am so excited to get involved in such a thriving art community and I hope to share my experiences engaging with art and artists with you! #torontoblog