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Gavin Worth

Artist Gavin Worth is currently based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and is a self taught sculptor. His wire pieces are sleek and minimal with impossibly perfect line work, and we find them both beautiful and ethereal.

Worth's sculptures portray the figure, with a focus on feminine features and facial expressions. His work depicts idealized, immaculately beautiful women through stylized contour lines that look drawn in space. He also often incorporates motifs such as foliage that surround or support the figures. Installation is crucial for these works as they are influenced by light and shadow, their surrounding environment, and the angle they are viewed at. For example, "And Light Fell On Her Face Through Heavy Darkness" changes from a dark mass of lines into a dramatic woman's profile when the viewer moves around the sculpture. We also believe that Worth's pieces express a spiritual quality through their body language, expressing hope, beauty, and a contemplation of the universe.

Gavin Worth has create a body of work that is, on first glance, composed of seemingly effortless and floating drawings. However, these steel and wood based pieces are actually labour intensive sculptures that impress us to no end. We can't believe he is self taught and we can't wait to see what he does next!

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