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Claire Harvey

Claire Harvey is an artist based in Amsterdam who creates miniature two-dimensional drawings of people interacting with our three-dimensional world. They are delightfully delicate, and are effective both as individual drawings and as part of large installations of work!

Harvey's subject matter showcases ordinary and anonymous people existing in a false reality, where they can stand on airplane wings or a sticky tack hilltop. These works effectively interact with carefully selected elements of the real world, and we especially love that you could get the materials for these drawings in any office supply store. This makes them both imaginative and original! Also, the fact that these works rely so heavily on their installation gives them an ephemeral nature. They could be quickly pealed off the wall, the clouds could shift or the nail could be removed. This just adds to their charm!

Claire Harvey's drawings, while they are convincingly realistic, still feel pleasantly simple and quick. She took a simple concept and turned it into an incredible, clever body of work that we absolutely adore.

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