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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, art schools across the country have cancelled graduate shows and open studios for the safety of their students, staff, faculty, and public. 


We know how important these opportunities are for graduating students, they offer visibility, networking, and feedback that is crucial for launching their careers. Making art is hard work and it is devastating for students to lose opportunities to share what they’ve created, now for the second year in a row.  

This platform was created to build community and offer support for artists which is needed in these unsure times more than ever.

This online space was created in 2020 to help support students facing these obstacles and to showcase the work of Canadian art school graduates, and we have decided to make it an annual opportunity for students to share their work.  


This online showcase will been given a dedicated page on our website (see above for last year's). 


Each featured student will be shared to our Instagram (@thegatheredgallery).  

This is not a juried selection process for an arts writing opportunity or for our regular programming. 


This is a free and inclusive way to give arts students promotion and exposure for their work. 

Each student feature on our website will include:

- Name, contact info, and links 

- School

- 1 - 5 images 

- An image list

- An artist statement (optional)

Eligibility criteria:

- Must be in the final year of a post-

secondary arts program (at any level)

- Must be attending a Canadian post-secondary 


To be included in the CLASS OF 2021 complete the form below:
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