After Art School

Support for newly graduated and emerging artists as they build professional arts practices 


Studio Mates

Virtual art critique groups with a focus on kind feedback and support. 



Goal Setting Guide Edited.jpg

Goal Planner

A downloadable PDF to organize annual studio goals and deadlines.

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Art Inventory

A template to help you record your works, projects, exhibitions, and press. (Part 1/3 of template package).

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Art Labels

A downloadable PDF to keep artwork organized for a strong inventory. 

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Budget Planner

A template to keep track of creative income, expenses, and store receipts.  (Part 2/3 of template package).

Painter's Checklist Edited.jpg

Painter's Checklist

A downloadable PDF to suggest, manage, and track studio supplies.

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Project Planner

A template to let you plan creative tasks, goals, and applications.   

(Part 3/3 of template package).



Class of 2021

An online showcase of Canadian art school graduates.


Experiential Learning

A for-credit student internship partnered with a university program.