Rebecca Mason Adams

Rhode Island based artist Rebecca Mason Adams creates flawless black and white portraits of women. Although they have a crisp photographic aesthetic, they are in fact stunning acrylic paintings. Throughout Adams entire body of work, her posed models are drenched in dramatic light, giving each painting a sense of drama and an incredible range in value. Adams also utilizes patterning through projected geometrics and highly decorated textiles, increasing the complexity of each paintings content. Because of the highly realistic rendering of each subject, each women is intriguingly identifiable. The titles, many of which appear to be the subjects name, add to our curiosity about who they are. We

COLLECTOR'S ITEM: "Place des peux" by Michael Snow

The Montreal Museum of Fine Art has a work by artist Michael Snow within their permanent collection titled Place des peaux, which he created in 1998. This work consists of suspended stretchers filled with coloured transparencies. Canadian Art describes Michael Snow's practice as "an exploration of perception," and this work is no exception. As a viewer moves through the space, their perception of its colours, shadows, and lines shift with their progression through the room. No two perspectives of this work offer the same experience. The accompanying text for the AGO exhibition, Objects of Vision, states "Snow has always been a sculptor. "A pure sculptor," he explains, "an artist who makes o

Lisa Wicka

American Artist Lisa Wicka creates beautiful mixed media collages. They are a tactful mix of organic and geometric subject matter speaking of nostalgic wallpaper scraps that send us back into our own childhood memories. Wicka's work is full of layers, both metaphorical and literal. The compositions are created by overlapping different materials, and each material represents a built up connection to her past. As the viewer, we love interpreting the meaning of each colour, texture and shape, and consider how each work speaks to our own personal history. Colour and composition are impressively handled in each series, and the contrast of bright hues against neutral tones create a complex dialogu

Are you looking for opportunities in Toronto to create and share your work?

Illustration by Kevin Moran For those of you in the Toronto area looking for opportunities to make and share your work, below are just some of the upcoming dates for submissions to residencies, exhibitions and competitions. There are plenty more opportunities out there for artists in this area, so if you know of something missing from this list, email me at and Ill be sure to add it! RESIDENCY OPPORTUNITIES The Public Studio - Parkdale Artist Residency Deadline: April 14th 2017 We’re looking for artists of any age and stage of career, who are from, live in, or are involved in the Parkdale community to create work under the theme of

RESOURCEFUL READS: Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk

As two artists only a year out of school, we're still trying to figure out how to keep our creative juices flowing without the structure of a class curriculum. To help, we had to get our hands on the newest book by Danielle Krysa, Your Inner Critic is A Big Jerk. She is the mastermind behind The Jealous Curator and has also written the books Creative Block: Get Unstuck, Discover New Ideas and Collage: Contemporary Artists Hunt and Gather, Cut and Paste, Mashup and Transform. The entire book is written in an encouraging, conversational tone that makes the advice feel as if its coming from a concerned and supportive friend who has watched you make an excuse instead of pick up your paintbrush o