Want to have an exhibition in Atlantic Canada?

Your work could be here! Photo: Eastern Edge Gallery If you have an idea for an incredible exhibition and just need a gallery willing to hear it, you are in the right place! Here is a (non-comprehensive) list of artist-run centres and galleries throughout Atlantic Canada currently accepting proposals and submissions. Know a gallery in Atlantic Canada that is currently accepting submissions that is not on this list? E-mail thegatheredgallery@gmail.com to get it added! Newfoundland and Labrador Eastern Edge Gallery | St, John's Good to know: There are three separate opportunities to apply for, two gallery spaces and one festival Main Gallery Deadline: October 15 Annually rOGUE Gallery Deadline

INTERVIEW: Chrissy & Kyle of Spark Box Studio

Chrissy Poitras and Kyle Topping are the founders of Spark Box Studio, where we were lucky enough to spend a week writing, conducting interviews, and printing a book! They spoke to us about their art school experiences, how they transitioned into the business they run now, and the importance of creating a balanced art practice. Can you tell us about your art school experience at Queen's University? What is the program like? KT: I have a really big fondness for Queen's and whenever we go back it’s very nostalgic. I would like to teach there. The Queen's art program is set up differently than most schools, in modules. In many other institutions, from what we’ve been told, you pick a stream. Fo

Ryan Hewett

South African artist Ryan Hewett creates wonderfully eerie portrait paintings. His subjects, while being deformed and abstracted with his brushstrokes, feel unsettlingly and effectively alive. Throughout Hewett's body of work there is a sense of push and pull in the materiality of paint, as he alternates between abundantly layering muddy colours and thinly applying flat fields of colour. The contrast between the clean, crisp lines against the blended and blurred facial features is extremely satisfying. Hewett's use of colour and effective manipulation of negative space is brilliant. In several works a background colour effortlessly transitions into an article of clothing and works as both si

Kirra Jamison

Kirra Jamison, an artist based in Australia, creates work we love full of bold shapes and perfect colour palettes! While she works in painting and collage, these pieces share characteristics with digital work and screen printing, making their material quality not immediately clear. Jamison continually utilizes repetition, by recreating similar lines and forms throughout her body of work. Her common motifs read as chain links, winding rope, or life under a microscope. However, this repetition places the emphasis on her colour choices, which hold the largest impact on the viewer. Though her colours are flat, she creates interest and variety by contrasting muted tones against vibrant hues. Her

Mackenzie Browning

Denver based artist Mackenzie Browning is pushing the boundaries between fine art, craft and design in his print practice and the methods of displaying prints. We adore this approach to printmaking and the seemingly endless ways to explore print media. Throughout Browning's practice there is a strong presence of flora and fauna that contrasts against the constructed architectural installations. Each installation mimics real objects such as bricks, concrete slabs, and a bright green lawn through both the screen printed imagery as well as the physical shape of each object. Browning's work creates a unique physical environment that allows viewers to experience printmaking, which is usually two-

Charley Young

Charley Young is an interdisciplinary artist based in Nova Scotia who interacts with her surroundings on both a monumental and intimate scale in her work. Young explores the nature of time and history, and the way physical objects have a presence that can be traced and preserved. She works with the ephemeral, buildings, icebergs, and the bark on trees, recording their existence and creating artifacts that remain after the real object is gone. Young creates ghost images and objects that act as a shadow of their original, for example in her work "Resurrection" in which she mimics a demolished building in an ethereal installation. She also incorporates her body, which is as equally ephemeral a