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Kirra Jamison

Kirra Jamison, an artist based in Australia, creates work we love full of bold shapes and perfect colour palettes! While she works in painting and collage, these pieces share characteristics with digital work and screen printing, making their material quality not immediately clear.

Jamison continually utilizes repetition, by recreating similar lines and forms throughout her body of work. Her common motifs read as chain links, winding rope, or life under a microscope. However, this repetition places the emphasis on her colour choices, which hold the largest impact on the viewer. Though her colours are flat, she creates interest and variety by contrasting muted tones against vibrant hues. Her choices feel somehow simultaneously planned and intuitive, with each colour effortlessly responding to the one before. The forms Jamison creates also share this decisive yet organic quality. We find ourselves following each shape, retracing her process and attempting to decipher its beginning and end.

We can easily imagine Kirra Jamison's work in motion as they almost feel like animation stills. We love the way, even as still images, they keep our eyes endlessly moving!

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