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Wix (free and paid options)

We built this entire website using It has endless design options and feels more like a graphic design program than a website host.


OneNote (free)

This app is the backbone of this project. It is a cloud-based notebook that we can both access in different locations and see the other's writing in real time. We keep everything in our OneNote from our art bullets to our biggest goal lists.


Airtable (free and paid options)

Since we have discovered Airtable it has completely changed the way we organize our schedule, submissions, and to-do lists. It also makes an awesome art inventory tracker. Airtable is an endlessly customizable database and we are in love.

Notion (free and paid options)

If OneNote and Airtable had a baby it would be Notion. It is a digital notebook that holds complex pages, tables, files, and more, and is so stunningly designed it's actually fun to keep our documents and files organized (never thought we'd say that!) Plus even the paid version is completely free for students and educators!


Adobe Creative Suite (purchase required)

There are limitless uses for the apps in Adobe Creative Suite. As a few examples, we use InDesign to create our graphics and documents, Photoshop and Lightroom to edit photos, Illustrator for logo work, and are excited to unleash the possibilities of apps like Audition and Premier, to name a few.


Zapier (free and paid options)

This is an automation app that helps us streamline our e-mail responses, and we are just starting to scratch the surface of what Zapier can do! It lets you create one-of-a-kind connections between programs and keeps things running smoothly.  


Later (free and paid options)

Our favorite instagram planner app! We love the weekly and monthly view options that let us see our posting schedule at a glance. This app helps us ensure all of the incredible art we write about gets a share on our Instagram as well!


Skillshare (free trial and paid subscription)

When we started this project we didn't actually know how to "blog" (we still feel like we don't sometimes!). Skillshare has a class for everything, and we have improved our photoshop skills, time management, design ideas, instagram marketing, and more from the classes they offer, and this is only a small percentage of what we want to learn from their instructors.

Macbook Pro (purchase required)

We are both mac people, and love the crisp displays, fast processing and sleek design of these computers. We also love the built in apps like FaceTime, AirDrop, and iMessage that help keep things streamlined between our computers and our phones. 


Gmail (free)

This is the tool that keeps on giving. We use it for all of our communication outside of social media, and we love how it flawlessly connects with Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets… you get the picture. 


Creative Pep Talk Podcast (free)

This podcast has helped us realize how to create a thriving art practice through its peppy, fun, and inspiring episodes! It is encouraging, entertaining, and so educational. We keep coming back to this show every time we feel unsure of how to tackle our next big idea and Andy J Pizza always has the answers we're looking for!

Canva (free)

If you need graphics or designs that are quick, simple, and fun, Canva is the tool for you. It's an easy way to create images for social media and more, with new designs all the time! It works perfectly when we want to share a message on a quick timeline. 

You may notice some of the links listed are affiliate links! This means that if you choose to make a purchase through our recommendation, we would receive a small compensation or reward. We would never share a product or service we do not love whole heartedly!


Do you love any of these products or have any to recommend? Send us an email! 

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