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Consider becoming a patron of The Gathered Gallery! 

What is the money going towards?

​The support we receive from Patreon goes back into our creative community and the artists we support and serve. 

​This project cannot run on passion alone, and we believe creative careers are important, hard earned occupations and deserve financial compensation. ART=WORK! However, as emerging artists ourselves we know artists work hard for their income and every dollar counts. We have several modest monthly options to become a patron, and with support from our community we can improve and increase the amount we do to serve artists with this project.


You can select monthly $3, $6, or $9 tiers

​When you support The Gathered Gallery you are supporting:

  • Arts writing and its impact on an artist's career

  • Curation of engaging and exciting work

  • A digital artist residency

  • A network of creatives building each other up

  • Well deserved promotion of talented artists

  • Inspiration in your newsfeed and inbox

  • Creative tools for professional practice

  • A Canadian art opportunities database

  • And more to come! 

Would you rather make a one-time contribution? 

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