Virtual Art Critique Group

Have you ever felt like this? 

You’re missing feedback and validation on the art you’re making

You’re lacking accountability and dragging your heels to your studio 

You’re overwhelmed by possibilities and not sure the next direction to take your art practice 

You’re looking for a supportive community of peers who are excited about making work

Us too. But we know we’re not alone.

Studio Mates is a virtual art critique group with a focus on kind feedback and support. 

How It Works

Our Studio Mates program creates an environment for thoughtful, accessible feedback on your creative practice that will help launch you into your next phase as an artist. Each group is kept small with limited spots available, allowing each artist to have significant time, support, and dedicated feedback on a rotating weekly schedule. 

Written Critique

The critique process is completed independently on a Virtual Crit Wall, which all members are given access to through a sharable Google Doc.


Each artist will share images of their work, ask questions to the group, and receive honest, thoughtful and caring feedback from their fellow members and facilitator (Emily or Natalie). At the end of the session you will receive all feedback for future reflection and growth. 

Online Group Exhibition

To conclude each Studio Mates session, members will be included in an online group exhibition hosted at


This will provide an opportunity to share your art and celebrate your hard work.

Group Check Ins

Studio Mates will host three group video calls, through Zoom. There will be an introductory call, a mid-point check in, and a call concluding the session.


These group meetings will be a friendly opportunity to ask questions to other group members and your facilitator, receive further feedback on your work, and to workshop career ideas and opportunities.


Above all, they will be a chance to build connections with other creatives and create feedback that is personal and meaningful.

Bonus Resources

Studio Mates members will also be given access to all past and present Trade Secret workshop recordings as a bonus resource (value of $120+), which include topics such as grant writing, community building, and artist residencies.

A Note on Critique

Emily & Natalie have been providing kind, insightful, and positive feedback to artists since 2016 through arts writing, interviews, and studio visits. All critique will be constructive and considerate, rooted in empowerment, encouragement, and honesty, and conversations will be moderated and visible to members and facilitators. No harsh or closed-minded words will be tolerated in this program, to allow each member to feel safe and free to share their work without hesitation. 

Together We Can 

Create accountability 

Develop a strong artistic voice 

Provide support and insightful feedback 

Find next steps and opportunities 

Build community and connection 





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