INTERVIEW: David Willis

January 22, 2020

Ibrahim Abusitta

January 15, 2020

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VIRTUAL GATHERING No. 6: Blackburn, Bullôt, Teddie-Stursberg, Daignault, Smithers-Crump


           This Virtual Gathering is a curation of works that investigate the planetary condition. These works examine our interrelationship with our planet, exploring themes of overconsumption, climate change and how we shape this earth. Amid the demands for action against the ecological crisis, it is important to have art that empowers, educates, shocks and inspires viewers into examining their own planetary existence.


Jordan Blackburn

Maligne Bagged

16x20 inch screenprint on birch plywood



Wara Bullôt

Know Where 


Alex Tedlie-Stursberg

Everything Flows

Mixed Media 

 Cynthia Daignault 

 Elegy (Angel Oak)


Margaret Smithers-Crump


2014, Acrylic on translucent Plexiglass

93 x 82 x 5 inches

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