INTERVIEW: David Willis

January 22, 2020

Ibrahim Abusitta

January 15, 2020

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COLLECTOR'S ITEM: "So Smart/You're an Idiot" by Ken Lum




          Vancouver Art Gallery holds Ken Lum's work So Smart/You're an Idiot in their permanent collection. This installation was made by Lum in 2006 and consists of two image and text diptychs.

           Lum's work is a reflection of Canada's multiculturalism and how it affects everyday life, including methods of parenting. It uses colour, contrast, and text to make us question our experiences in society that normally go unnoticed.


           "In his art he considers the individual's place in society while investigating race and class distinctions. He often pairs an                 image with text in ways that he hopes will invite the viewer to ask questions about social issues and the visual world."


          - Description written by the National Gallery of Canada


          We think this work is so successful because, as the viewers, we find ourselves trying to figure out where our own experiences of parenting cause us to fit within the work, whether it be in between the images or with one or the other. This is a piece we would definitely travel to see!



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