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Community Building with Otherwise Studios

Community Building with Otherwise Studios


What's Included:

- access to workshop video

- pdf of presentation notes

- pdf of presentation slides


About the workshop:


Trade Secrets: How and Why to Build a Community with Otherwise Studios


A live, interactive workshop presented by The Gathered Gallery


Trade Secrets is a series of accessible workshops for working artists to help connect with industry experts & peers, break down creative barriers, and get the information you need to move your career forward.


Being a working artist often creates more questions than answers. It’s easy to find yourself navigating the art world through a fog of stress, unsure of who to ask for help and how to succeed. You have so many questions, like: How do I fund my art practice? How do I create community? How do I build a sustainable career? You’re not alone. We’ve been there, and we want to help. 


For our workshop series, Trade Secrets, we gathered together a stacked list of experts who will help us demystify common stumbling blocks and facilitate practical step-by-step solutions. Through curated information and open conversation, these workshops will provide you with more confidence in your creative field and help you establish an essential skillset for creating a thriving art practice. You will join a supportive community of artists teaching you how to build a profitable, sustainable, and authentic creative career and make stronger connections with both peers and industry leaders. 


Otherwise Studios was created by Abby Nowakowski and Ahmri Vandeborne who together make the artist collaborative, AHMRI + ABBY. Otherwise Studios is a space hosting contemporary thinkers and creative minds of all ages for artmaking and community-building. Committed to contributing to Guelph’s already vibrant art community in a meaningful way, Otherwise offers unique, diverse, and inclusive opportunities for collaborating, teaching, innovating, and mess-making. Abby and Ahmri both graduated from the University of Guelph with a BAH in Studio Art and launched Otherwise in June of 2019.


Ahmri and Abby created Otherwise Studios with the sole idea of creating a community hub. Starting as an artist collaborative, they nurtured genuine relationships both in their undergrad and outside of school, fostering meaningful friendships and collaborations. In its first seven months, Otherwise engaged over 400 individuals in community-building programming at the studio. 


Three Main Concepts: 

  • The importance of having and staying active in a strong community
  • Collaboration as the centre of community/community-building 
  • Aligning personal values and beliefs with small-business models 


Are you ready to join a supportive community of artists teaching you how to build a profitable, sustainable, and authentic creative career?


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