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Arts Writing with Tatum Dooley

Arts Writing with Tatum Dooley


What's Included:

- access to workshop video

- pdf of presentation notes

- pdf of presentation slides


About the workshop:


Trade Secrets: Arts Writing with Tatum Dooley


Do you have a perspective or opinion you'd love to share?

Do you have a desire to explore art through writing?

Learn how to pitch your ideas and create strong pieces of writing that are publication ready!


In this workshop, writer and curator Tatum Dooley will share her tips and tricks for looking at art through a critial lens, strategies for writing an exhibition review, and the process of pitching your writing to art publications.


This workshop will be focused on addressing the most common questions hopeful arts writers have, such as:

- The basics of looking at art critically

- Different angles for writing exhibition reviews

- How to pitch reviews to publications


Are you ready to join a supportive community of artists teaching you how to build a profitable, sustainable, and authentic creative career?


Join the workshop now!

August 18, 2020
7:00 - 8:30 PM EST (Toronto)


(We have implemented a subsidized payment option for those who self-identify as members of the BIPOC and/or LGBTQ2S+ communities to support artists facing statistically fewer opportunities in galleries, magazines, and institutions.)


About Tatum Dooley:

Tatum Dooley is a writer and curator living in Toronto, ON. She received a BA of Arts and Contemporary Studies and a MA of Literatures of Modernity from Ryerson University. She writes widely on cultural trends in art, architecture, fashion, and technology. She runs the Instagram account @cdnartforecast, which began from a demand for a platform promoting Canadian artists. Canadian Art Forecast shares the work of artists, with a goal to support emerging Canadian artists.


Her writing has appeared in:

- Artforum
- Border Crossings
- Canadian Art
- Editorial Magazine
- Garage Magazine
- The Globe & Mail
- Lapham’s Quarterly
- Hazlitt
- Vogue UK
- The Walrus


Dooley's writing has led her to develop close relationships with the art she writes about as well as the art community in Canada. She has learned how to overcome the challenges of being a freelance writer, including taking every "no" as a learning opportunity to improve her pitches and writing. Her experience has given her the ability to consider work beyond her own aesthetic taste, and use critical thinking to locate the work in a historical and cultural context. The process of writing about art can have an incredible impact on an artist's career, and can offer a new way of thinking about a work of art.


Photo By: Fiona Freemark

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