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VIRTUAL GATHERING No. 6: Ennis, Fullerton, Veiga

This virtual curation brings together artists working across a variety of media, each exploring the human experience within the natural world. Caroline Ennis, Midori Fullerton, and Hannah Veiga remind us of the harmony that emerges through the creation of contrast by combining unexpected elements in their work.

Caroline Ennis

Florida based artist Caroline Ennis explores the opposing qualities of an autonomous ocean, drawing inspiration from the Gulf of Mexico.

Working within the disciplines of sculpture and installation, Ennis pulls her colour palette of turquoises, greens, and deep blues from the hues of tropical water. Delicate strands of fiber netting hang loosely in the gallery space, shifting and swaying as if with the motion of a swimmer moving between waves. The patterns created from the suspended structures mimic the vibrant texture of the forms below, clay sculptures that build up as if emerging from an imagined ocean floor. They are dark and dense, with mounds and crevasses shining under layers of deep glaze, yet they hold a fragility within their precarious stacks that threatens to topple them with an earth shattering smash.

Caroline Ennis creates works of fibre and form that play off each other, one offering safety and lighthearted play, the other beauty fraught with risk. She has perfectly embodied the beauty and danger of the ocean with this captivating series.

Midori Fullerton

The captivating work of Ontario based artist Midori Fullerton offers a new perspective on the natural world, creating composite snapshots that offer abstracted impressions of place and memory.

Through her extensive research and catalogue of imagery, Fullerton brings moments together into compositions that create new environments from real locations. The use of coloured pencils offer a soft, almost blurry effect, creating an atmosphere of a disjointed memory or an idealized natural environment that is slightly out of reach. Their soft, hazy palette suggests an intentional distortion of the source material, and the dynamic contrast of organic and artificial elements placed against each other, while familiar on their own, disorients the viewer. It is the incredible level of detail in each moment of Fullterton's work that invites the viewer to investigate each collaged element and consider their point of origin and the reality of their existence in this world.

Midori Fullerton's drawings are offered to the viewer as keepsakes or souvenirs from a place we can't truly visit, as it exists only as a transformation of the real in a body of work that comes together to create an entrancing place that is entirely new.

Hannah Veiga

Multidisciplinary artist Hannah Veiga creates work interested the natural and industrial worlds and the elements that create an inherent connection between them.

Through her installation based work, Veiga offers the viewer a new perspective the human impact on our ecosystem, employing subtle metaphors and materials in intricate installations. In the body of work it would take all of you to grow anything again, Veiga explores the natural growth of fungi and its incredible ability to not only grow but thrive within changing environment. Copper wire weaves around and through wooden frames that hang empty, mimicking the growth of fungi in nature and taking the place of the subject that is absent from the decorative objects. Veiga's use of an industrial material to represent a naturally growing organism reframes its man made purpose and realigns it to its natural one, allowing it freedom of growth, decay, and exposure to the elements.

Hannah Veiga's work repurposes a functional material into a formative one, offering a new perspective and creating space for viewers to consider the way humans shape and control the natural world in both intentional and unintentional ways.


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