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THE CLASS OF 2021: Veronica Spiljak

Veronica Spiljak

University of Toronto Mississauga

Veronica Spiljak’s Thinking About How The Future Feels (2020) is a photographic series that calls attention to our coping mechanisms with our declining physical and psychological health as it progresses since the beginning of the pandemic. The images convey a stage of coping with certain mental illnesses during an age where everything is shifting online.

Our presence staying at home has evolved into a stagnant and repetitive period in our life.

These images reflect on the “digital PTSD regime” we inherit from shifting towards the digital that carries on in my life, your life and our future’s life.

In the epitome of staying cooped up indoors, we feel as if we are just floating through—we are neither here, nor there, but on the Internet.

1. thinking about how the future feels, 8 x 6 in, photography, 2020

2. zoom class, 6 x 8 in,photography, 2020

3. makeup routine, 6 x 8 in, photography, 2020

4. enough, 6 x 8 in, photography, 2020

5. i should be getting over it, 8 x 6 in, photography, 2020


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