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THE CLASS OF 2021: Hau Pham

Hau Pham

OCAD University

I aim to explore ideas of the Asian female identity, to understand how one values themselves and how that value is determined by others. Translating these works through oil paint and canvas, my works tackle the issues of guilt, confusion and uncertainty embedded in the history of Ornamentalism, by looking closely at the relationship between the historical canon of still life paintings and the experiences of Asian women in present day. Ultimately, these works are a reflection of myself.

1. Its hard work being the Best, Oil on canvas, 30 in x 24 in, 2021

2. Fresh Pack, oil on canvas, 12 in x 16 in, 2020

3. Double the Luck, 0il on canvas, 20 in x 24 in, 2020

4. After Prom, oil on canvas, 6 in x 12 in, 2021

5. Free to Download, oil on canvas, 24 in x 30 in , 2021


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