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THE CLASS OF 2021: Florence Pin

Florence Pin

Concordia University

The themes of memory and nostalgia have been the center of my research over the past couple years. These main subjects have manifested themselves in different ways throughout the past couple years, approaching childhood memory and fragility, the concepts of home, trauma and selective memory, and constructing/deconstructing identity. My artistic process consists of exploring the relationships between the body, the object and the space and how it relates to memory and nostalgia through image making and creating installation with objects found in specific environments linked directly to memories. Through a mostly still life and self-portraiture photographic and installation approach, I create ephemeral assemblages to rebuild memory and explore how selective it is. I’m inspired by my childhood environment and its nature searching for a reconciliation of legible memory and nostalgia. I’m very drowned towards the similarities of body gestures and landscapes and I’m interested in how the object transforms by being relocated and how it reacts to its new environment with time. I am performing childhood memory by wondering through the lands where I grew up, collecting organic objects from it and bringing them into the studio. Even though some of my subject matters are triggering, I approach it with a lot of sensibility and softness. This is a way to translate and process my emotions towards a form of healing. While using objects that have a specific meaning for myself, I’m sharing with the audience an opening to different perspectives. The photographs gather a nostalgia from the memory of each viewer related to an object or an atmosphere.

01. Self-Portrait, Until We Bloom Again, Photography, 2020.

02. Blood and Flower, Until We Bloom Again, Photography, 2020.

03. Performing Childhood, Fleurs D'Août, Photography, 2020.

04. Garden Flowers, Fleurs D'Août, Photography, 2020.

05. Rock and Sea, Fleurs D'Août, Photography, 2020.


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