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THE CLASS OF 2020: Joslyn Panasiuk

Joslyn Panasiuk

Sheridan College

This thesis series – category: HUMAN – focusses on challenging societies view of transgender men. Joslyn has done this by using tilt-shift lensing and motion blur to distort some characteristics on her subjects. She has been doing this so her audience can be frustrated by what they can and can't identify on her subjects. In doing this she can express her personal frustration with how the trans masculine community has toxic and unfair stereotypes forced upon them. How ever a person wants to identify is none of our business and we are responsible to listen and accept how someone wants to be seen. This is an on-going series.

1 - Subject: Cal

2 - Subject: Yann

3 - Subject: Kishuan

4 - Subject: Wynne

5 - Subject: Max


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