• Emma Carney


Hi y’all! Big thanks for following along with me this month. Extra big thanks to Emily and Natalie for the space to share. The Gathered Gallery is such a wonderful platform for artists and art lovers and I loved being a part of it this month!

This is my last blog post here, so I'll leave you with a little list of things I keep close to me in the studio.

First, Ugly Feelings by Sianne Ngai. Ngai mobilizes the aesthetics of unprestigious negative affects. This book has been predominant in the way I think about affect and the underbelly of feelings in my work. I flip through it often, and I always find something new to chew on. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the word stuplimity which is described by Sianne Ngai as a paradoxical synthesis of shock and boredom. A word that seems all the more apropos during a global pandemic.

Second, this painting by Marlon Mullen:

And this one:

This Piet Mondrian:

These Amy Sillman paintings:

This Guston:

(I’m never not thinking about this painting)

Betty Parsons:

Matthew Wong:

Thanks for following along everyone! If you're looking to see more of my work, you can find it at emmacarney.ca