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Natalie Ciccoricco

Dutch artist Natalie Ciccoricco embroiders vintage photographs and postcards in a way that merges techniques and visual languages of the past, present, and future.

Saturated images of brightly coloured houses, desert landscapes and tropical vistas are interrupted by a circular imprint of perfectly colour matched embroidery floss. The thread, determined by the colour of the outermost circle edge, creates a vortex-like focal point that pulls viewers into the images with an unshakeably hypnotic effect. Ciccoricco intentionally selects photos with a distinctly nostalgic aesthetic, allowing the circles to act as portals to either bring you back in time when these images were taken or to launch you into a future unknown.

Natalie Ciccoricco shares her personal vantage point through her lovingly hand embroidered images. Flawlessly simple, they effectively tell a story with a few strands of thread and entrance our imagination with endless fantastical possibilities.


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