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New workshops!

Hello there!

Here at The Gathered Gallery, we believe in artists supporting artists. It has been apart of our mandate since the very beginning. We believe that developing a professional practice is crucial to the growth and evolution of an artist's career. But, we also know how hard it can be to find the answers and resources for this development.

This is why we created Trade Secrets, a series of accessible online workshops to help connect you with information to break down creative barriers and move your career forward.

We have gathered a stacked list of experts who will demystify common stumbling blocks and facilitate practical step by step solutions. Through curated information and open conversation, these workshops will provide you with confidence in your creative field and help you establish an essential skillset for a thriving art practice. You will join a supportive community of artists teaching you how to build a profitable, sustainable, and authentic creative career.

Every other month we will present a new workshop on a different topic with an expert in that field! We want to give you the most tactile information to apply to your career in order for you to grow and meet your goals!

We are excited to learn along side you. All are welcome, come as you are! Our first two workshops will be announced shortly! Stay tuned!


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