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Molly Graham

Molly Graham, an illustrator from St. John's Newfoundland, creates whimsical illustrations, paintings, and textiles that possess the vibrancy and spirit of the community where she lives and works.

Graham began painting brightly coloured houses in her community, and the project accumulated into more than 100 individual paintings of buildings across Canada and Europe. Each painting is thoughtful and precise, and the character of the home or business shines through every detail. These architectural structures transform into welcoming homes or fruitful businesses with the accuracy of Graham's hand. The attention to the details in the shingles and the three-dimensionalities of each window is breathtaking. Graham says through the project her appreciation for architecture increased, as did her accountability under such a daunting endeavour. The seriality of this project is remarkable, and we hope that Graham continues this body of work. Graham also brings her love for colour and the quirky into her illustrations and cut paper pieces. Each piece intricately conveys a range of emotions with the specific figures she cuts out.

Through the use of peachy pinks, bright blues, and vibrant reds, Graham’s house paintings and illustrations burst through to the viewer, and we can imagine life in St. John’s, Newfoundland through her work.


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