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Meri Sawatzky

Canadian artist Meri Sawatzky interweaves the disciplines of textiles and painting to create delicate compositions that invoke a meditative state in the viewer. 

Working from traditional embroidery methods, Sawatzky brings her own freedom to each carefully woven piece by introducing unconventional mediums and processes. Using materials like plaster, gel mediums, and acrylic paint in her work depict the intersection of medium and process within the art world. When she jumps into fresh spaces with her materials, she invites us to join. With each delicate thread, the viewer sees Sawatzky's inner thoughts and decisions, we are given a moment in the artist's mind while the abstraction of her work provides mystery and relatable ambiguity. Her work causes us to pause and carefully consider every line and detail, just as she has. With the knowledge that Sawatzky is a live model, this helps us to appreciate the amalgamation of both model and artist as she brings her experience into her work. 

Sawatzky is not formally taught and is truly an example of a dedicated and disciplined artist, a commitment necessary to create her captivating minimalistic compositions.


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