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Love an artist's work? Here are the quickest ways to show them

Have you ever found an artist whose work you love and thought, "How can I show them my support?"

There are many ways to support an artist, and you can start right now!

1. Follow their social media accounts

Instagram and Facebook are great ways to stay up to date on an artist's practice and boost their following.

2. Engage with their posts on social media

This might sound straight forward, but engagement on posts through liking, commenting, sharing, and reposting goes a long way and impacts how far their images circulate. When commenting on a post, consider saying something thoughtful and encouraging rather than only leaving heart emojis (though, for the record, we love the heart emoji). This allows for true engagement to build and grow their social media platform and can help inspire another follower to comment as well.

3. Share their work on your personal social media account

This is a great way for your followers to discover a new artist to follow and support, just be sure to give the artist credit by tagging them in the photo or using their name in the caption.

4. Sign up for their newsletter

Many artists have a newsletter they send to subscribers, sharing what they are up to in the studio or when their next show is. Check out their website to see if they have one you can join.

5. Support them on Patreon

Patreon is a membership platform that supports creative practices through subscription bundles. It can be a great way to learn more about an artist practice or get a limited edition print while supporting an artist financially. Not every artist has a Patreon account, but many creatives do (including The Gathered Gallery!).

6. Purchase a piece of art

If you can afford to do so, purchase a piece of art. Not only will it bring you joy to have an original work your home, it will allow the artist to continue to make work. Many artists have work at various price points, and do smaller work for more accessible price points. While the cost might be smaller, you are still supporting an artist and that is awesome!

7. Commission an artwork

Do you love an artist's work but have a space that requires a certain size canvas or would pop with a specific colour? Reach out and see if they are open to doing a commissioned piece. This is an opportunity to own a custom work created just for you.

8. Send a personal message, with no strings attached

A hand written note or heartfelt email goes a long way and will surely make an artists day. You can tell them how much their work has impacted you, how perfectly their artwork looks on your wall, or that they are killing it in the studio! Sending kinds words without a request will make them feel like a superstar.

9. Give feedback to their gallery representation

If the artist is represented by a gallery, consider letting the gallery know how much you enjoyed their latest show or a particular piece of their work. This type of feedback not only supports the artist but the gallery that works hard to support their artists. As a bonus, sign the guest book and leave your email for their newsletter, too.

Each of these ideas is a quick and easy way to support the artists you respect and admire. Pick one or as many as you'd like, and we're sure the artist you choose will feel your love in no time.

Is there a way you’d like to be supported as an artist that isn't on this list? Let us know at or on our Instagram (@thegatheredgallery).


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