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Laura Kay Keeling

Canadian artist Laura Kay Keeling vibrantly brings photography, collage, and installation together to form thought provoking work. 

Keeling's work draws on the digital age for inspiration by including old TV's and monitors in her carefully collaged pieces. Her collages visually overwhelm us through images of freeways and large city buildings, evoking the emotions of an urban environment. Contrasting these bombardments with natural landscapes and flora creates a contrast of chaos and peace, bringing awareness to the disconnection from the natural world so many are experiencing. Keeling's union of photography and collage brings our attention to the composition within a traditional frame, inviting us to examine each moment between the four corners. Her installations bring these two processes to a real life culmination, by including found materials and her thoughtfully photographed and collaged work on large sheets. The addition of mirrors opens a new perspective as the viewer adjusts their position in response to the reflection of reality.

Keeling's work prompts us to think about the effect our modern world has on our conception of nature, offering a different perspective through her interdisciplinary body of work. 


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