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Katie Neece

American artist and educator Katie Neece's digitalized content in the form of traditional oil painting moves our conception of painting forward with the ever-present digital age.

Working from geometrical abstraction inspired by the early 20th-century European avant-garde, Neece creates a striking contrast with 90s mall aestheticism. Geometric shapes cast shadows which invite the viewer to enter the space of the canvas. The soft pastel colour palette and use of gradients with a focal point of flora encourage the viewer's eye to move around and search out finer details. The longer the work is studied, the more interior design motifs are noticed, like the marbled cafeteria table and chair patterns, the tiled floor, and the light fixtures. Through these carefully painted forms, Neece's commentary on commercial materialism emerges. We are left thinking about how materialism promises a utopian-like satisfaction but never seems to last.

By using her knowledge and application of computer software, Neece's work amazes the viewer by appearing to be digitally created. The evidence of brushwork is limited yet we see the artist's hand with her innovative deconstruction of digital design. 


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