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Jessica Simorte

Jessica Simorte is a painter based out of Houston creating work with a relaxed hand, whose wobbly lines and drybrush blobs have captivated our attention.

Simorte's paintings are small but packing a powerful punch of compositional power, an effect created through the rapid exploration of new concepts and colour combinations offered from working at a modest scale. In each work, transparent colour washes bleed and build up, as she uses contrasting wet and dry techniques to create opposing edges. Simorte allows water to take the pigments into organic shapes that press against geometric lines, and circles, squares, and grids bring order to blobs and undulating lines that make their way across the paintings.

Jessica Simorte's works have an element of exploration and play, drawing us into their colourful charms and allowing their lighthearted nature to lift our spirits and peak our curiosity.


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