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Danni O'Brien

Baltimore artist Danni O'Brien creates soft and quirky sculptures and installations strongly steeped in whimsy, humour, and personality.

In her series, "Tongue Puddles," a purple space is filled with objects that interact with the room; they are suspended from the ceiling, hang on walls, lean against surfaces, or stand on the floor. Each work is happy and playful with the nostalgic energy of a childhood toy that has grown with its owner, warping with time and maturity. Pastel colours of yellow, peach, and lilac tie the objects to each other, allowing us to interpret them as a cohesive body with varying facets. O'Brien allows them to be captivatingly anthropomorphized, creating a cohesive a social group yet giving each character unique personalities. They stand together as relatives, with significant resemblance carrying through the works yet with their own distinguishing features. The works also have relationships to one another, in the nature of a family, with conversations created through reflections, vantage points, and shadows.

Danni O'Brien's body of work is full of characters with fun and friendly personalities and complex group dynamics, reminding us of our own childhood memories and experiences, at once universal, unique, and deeply impactful.


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