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DAIR: An interview with Bruno Vinhas

Bruno Vinhas is our Summer 2021 digital artist-in-residence! We did a short and sweet interview to get to know him before his residency begins.

Name: Bruno Vinhas Location: St John's, NL, CA - born in Salvador, BA, Brazil

Medium: Textiles/ Mixed Media

School(s)/ Education: Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality (emphasis in Community and Cultural Tourism) at Universidade do Estado da Bahia and Textile& Apparel Degree at College of the North Atlantic (emphasis on Embroidery)

Who is your biggest artist inspiration? I don't think I have 1 artist that stands out to me, I love a combination of aspects from a myriad of artists across the globe. My biggest inspirations come from communities and traditional craftspeople/artists. Having a degree in cultural and community tourism and being a traveller allowed me to experience community arts in-depth and that changed the way I look at patterns and textures.

Is there a book or other resource (podcast etc) that has impacted your practice? Not a book per se, but theatre had a huge impact on my career choices! I first fell in love with fabrics and textiles while working in theatre in Brazil; costumes, sets and props were my first contact with the visual arts world and learning to manipulate fabric to become something else guided me on the path to e where I am today.

If you could talk to yourself right after graduation (or start of your career), what would you say? I'd say don't give up! things will not always work out the way you want and art is what will keep you sane. And always... sample, sample, sample!

How do you overcome creative block? Uh tough one... I read and research a lot when I have a block. I like just going outside and photograph textures and then try to do test pieces... One of the things that really helps me is to organize my fabrics and threads, just feeling them sometimes helps spark a new idea.

Best advice you've been given so far in your career? One of my dear friends and mentor, Stephy Stoker told me once: "The process of making is more important than the final piece!" and I have taken that to heart in all my projects ( either making pieces or curating exhibitions)

Follow along as Bruno shares his practice with us over the next month, and learn more about his work on his website


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