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Carissa Baktay

Canadian artist Carissa Baktay's sculptural works explore the physical world with emotive imagination. 

The delicate and organic shaped mirrors in her most recent body of work Periphery comment on her memories of occupying specific environments. Through use of the lands' natural textures against the edged lines of each unique mirror shape, the work holds the depths of visual weight. Baktay's carefully placed mirrors invite the viewer to see an alternative perspective and invoke feelings of tension and intimacy, allowing us to be captivated and thrust into her work through each decision she makes. The attention to detail and loving care of these installations are paramount to Baktay communicating her frame of mind to the viewer. The documentation of her repetitive forms are absolutely breathtaking and depict two environments, two portals to the same world. 

By subtly disrupting landscapes, Carissa Baktay creates forms giving rise to our curiosity and imagination, while challenging our conception of our place within the physical world. 


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