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Amandine Bouet

Amandine Bouet is an artist based in Nîmes, France, who brings assemblages of fiber to life.

Bouet's works are lovingly crafted and labour intensive, with miniscule materials and delicate stitching. Their curvilinear forms explore organic growth, resembling a deep sea choral or bacteria in a petri dish. Each of these creatures are doused with spectacle, and are covered in sparkling pom poms, ribbons of glitter and glossy glass beads giving them shine and a sense of vibrance. Their colour palette adds to their charm, with periwinkle blues, peaches, and deep navies contrasting with shocks of magenta.

Each strange and anthropomorphic creature has a voice and personality of its own, allowing Amandine Bouet to create her own ecosystem of textile organisms that reflect the natural world.


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