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A bit about me

Hey Folks!

Thanks for following this incredible digital residency and a massive thanks for Emily and Natalie for having me here! During this month I will be sharing a little bit about who I am and my process as well as 3 projects I have on the go for 2021. Hope you enjoy the posts and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

My name is Bruno (with all the rolled "r"s), I was born in Salvador (BA) in Brazil. I left my home town in 2009 and initially I travelled/moved within the country and moved abroad in 2010. 11 years ago I said good bye to the land and culture that to this date inspire my work.

My friends say that I am a "jack of all trades". Although I am mainly a textile artist and curator these days, I worked in tourism planning with communities, in my home state, helping them develop their spaces without loosing their intrinsic intangible and tangible cultures; I was a drama teacher, actor, director, set designer and fell in love with textiles in the dark spaces of theatres' backstage, researcher and event planner among many other things.

I moved to Canada in 2015 to pursue studies in textile design and since then I had many opportunities to collaborate with incredible artists in the province.

In 2017 at my graduation from the textile program, my body of work was a homage to the African-Brazilian Candomble, a culture that I grew up within that since my earliest school years always fascinated me in depth. I reverence to my ancestors to which I owe my history and my story.

This piece led to participate in an incredible collaboration with dancer Corie Kean, dramaturge Sharon King-Campbell and multimedia artist Kai Bryan (and many other talented people) in 2018. I was able to merge my passion for theatre and textiles to create an immersive set for the play dreamed and written by Corie.

Since then I have delved in many realms between visual arts, textiles, theatre, dance, music and have currently been learning the magic of video recording and editing (any help is highly appreciated hahaha). I work full time as a director/curator for the Craft Council of NL Gallery and I try to bring all this pieces of my background when installing and curating exhibitions.

Below are some photos of works done over the last years, you can check out more of my work on my website or follow my Instagram page to keep up to date with my latest creations. The last 2 images are from a music video by Winnie Churchill!

Keep checking out this page, in the next couple of weeks I will be posting details of my current projects and explaining my creative process behind them.

Until the next time,



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