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Kayleigh Heydon

The work of Australian artist Kayleigh Heydon creates explorative abstract paintings of the human form.

In her series, "The Pleasure is All Mine," Heydon has placed her work within a palette of flesh tones that interact on the surface of each painting. Their shapes are soft and rounded, pushing against each other tightly within their frames and creating a sense of pressure and energy. She repeats motifs throughout the series, offering us a glimpse of a hand or profile of a face, but not divulging the entire scene. These paintings are tantalizing and elusive, with simple compositions letting our imaginations take the lead.

Kayleigh Heydon has created a body of work poetically capturing intimate moments and human connection. We love how, through her abstraction, she is able to achieve the illusion of body parts fitting together like soul-mate puzzle pieces.

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