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Markus Davies

Dublin based artist Markus Davies creates paintings that explore geometric linework and bold colour fields in response to urban environments.

Davies' palette plays with value and saturation to create extreme contrasts within each work. He paints a deep black alongside a striking lime green or poppy red, or he places two vibrant colours together so they appear to shimmer where their edges meet. These paintings push the limits of composition possibilities by reproducing similar shapes in a variety of colour palettes and imposing a layer of sharp, straight linework onto their surfaces. While they feel urban and architectural, like a blueprint drawing or a birds eye view of a city block, their bright colours defy the grey that fills most concrete jungles, giving them a cheerfully optimistic tone.

While Markus Davies' paintings pack a bold punch, they are surprisingly small, inviting us in to explore their minute spaces as another compelling contrast to the larger than life cities they are inspired by.

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