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Albert Chamillard

American artist Albert Chamillard creates ballpoint pen drawings that are intricately layered and pleasantly nostalgic.

Using paper from vintage ledger books as a surface, Chamillard allows faded page lines to become part of his compositin, directing their outcome. Each geometric form rises with the textured layers of cross-hatched marks, the repetitive motion of his hand embossing the smooth, yellowed paper until it is glossy. By building up these small lines, he is able to achieve an intense sense of shading and contrast, creating an illusion of depth so convincing the forms threaten to peel off their pages.

Chamillard's materials of choice are modest and unassuming, they bring to mind grade-school notebooks filled with daydream doodles instead of homework. Yet, the incredible precision and finesse used to execute each drawing elevates their outcome into a spectacularly noble body of work.

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