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Joey Slaughter

American artist Joey Slaughter creates captivatingly colourful paintings. Each piece oozes with energy from an anthropomorphic personality, creating a cast of characters through Slaughter's body of work.

Slaughter's paintings are full of crisp line work and graphic channels, creating intricate colour fields in saturated hues, which mirror and wrap the surfaces of his uniquely shaped panels. While their abstract shapes are strange and unfamiliar, their bulbous nature hints at their inspiration. Joey states, "the irregular formats are derived from the idea of thought clouds, word balloons, or speech bubbles." These conversation bubbles capture the words and phrases that become "earworms" in Slaughter's mind, adding individualized personality traits to each painting and speaking to the viewer in their own way.

The work of Joey Slaughter are painstakingly perfect, with attention to detail and surface so thorough they could be digital creations. This well developed process requires meticulous planning yet results in exciting and exploratory paintings.

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