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LOOK & LISTEN: The Creative Brain

The Creative Brain looks critically at the cause and function of creativity in the human mind. Led by Neuroscientist David Eagleman, it dives into the root of the creative process and asks: how can we harness this in our daily lives? This documentary is studded with big names and successful stories, and proves how essential creativity is for our progress and happiness as humans.

The film explores compelling examples of creativity in action, by tapping into some of the most creative minds and finding out what makes them tick. Creativity is not only crucial for innovation and forward progress the field of fine arts, but also in science, cuisine, and every other field pushing the boundaries of what currently exists. Michelle Khine, a scientist working in nanotechnology research, explains, "In order to advance science, you have to be creative, because otherwise, you're just creating the same things that have already been created and you're thinking about things the same way everyone else has thought about it." The Creative Brain debunks several myths about creativity, such as the concept that ideas come from a stroke of inspiration, demonstrating instead how our brains take experiences, memories, thoughts, and emotions and treats them as raw material for creativity, while allowing for the opportunity to refashion what already exists into something new. What we construct is unique because our life experiences are unique, and, as humans, we have the ability to create the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

The takeaways from The Creative Brain are three ways we can take advantage of how we're wired to infuse creativity into our lives. Creativity emerges when we get off the path of least resistance, so firstly, we should try something new. Secondly, we want to push boundaries, and find the sweet spot between the boring and the weird. The final, and possibly most important, way to ensure a creative life is to not be afraid to fail, as something beautiful often rises from the ashes. This film offers a unique perspective on the incredible impact of the creative spectrum on us as individuals as well as on society, creating a much needed dose of positivity and inspiration to push us back into our studios! Watch it on Netflix.

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