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Sojung Kim

New York based artist Sojung Kim mesmerizes with abstract paintings that explore the body's emotional and physical reaction to colour and pattern.

Using bright psychedelic colours, like magenta and yellow, Kim creates organic arrangements that read as vibrant optical illusions. These hypnotic patterns stimulate emotional responses in viewers, as Kim explores the effects subconscious forces in her work. Often resembling the inner workings of a living creature, such as intestines or cells under a microscope, the paintings create an immersive experience that is rooted both in the viewers body and mind and causes us to consider the parts that make up our own physiology.

We admire the way these works walk the fine line between pleasure and discomfort, hinting at the grotesque in candy coloured forms. Sojung Kim's impressive use of contrasting, confrontational colour palettes and complicated designs keep us coming back for one more look.

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