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A New Project

I’ve been thinking about the possible avenues I might entertain to fulfil the requirements of my short occupancy in this space. At first, I had planned to create a series of entries that focused on various aspects and directions of my recent work, and hopefully in doing so offer it some meaningful insight. I would allow myself the opportunity to digress and to indulge in tangents and anecdotes that might supplement the few images I would provide over the course of the month. I might still end up doing this - however, I feel that simply writing about my work is fairly limited.

One aspect that I consider to be important to the paintings that I make is that they exist as a body. With the work that I am currently making, I am trying more deliberately to cultivate these relationships, intentionally highlighting elements from one work to the next, and introducing both the studio and the work itself as a possible generator for new entries - making things modeled after the trends and notable points in the things on which, and the places in which I’m currently working.

With this in mind, I feel that this platform is one that offers me a chance to expand upon my work in a meaningful way. Instead of directly talking about the work, I feel that this is an opportunity not only for the description and discussion of my paintings and practice, but one that might grow outward from them, expanding their boundaries and introducing new avenues into and around their situation.


I was thinking recently about the quotation that I included in the last post that I made, and a small writing exercise that it inspired a number of years ago in which I described every object hanging on the walls of my parents’ home. I’m thinking that this might be an opportunity to revisit that project in more detail (and in a different home), and that through it I might still be able to entertain those same tangents and anecdotes, and perhaps introduce new ones, all the while avoiding a more overt approach, and instead talking around the work, making something that might extend it, a reflection of its circumstances.

In the coming entries, I hope to offer something that might function as an accessory to the work that I’m currently producing.

#AIRF19 #artblog

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