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Matthew Mahler

Matthew Mahler explores the process of abstract painting as a repeatable, instructional-able methodology in works that carry our eyes around, through and off the surface of the canvas.

In his most recent body of work, Mahler loosely uses instructions found on the internet, specifically wikihow, describing how to make an abstract painting in a step-by-step format that we can imagine as almost humorously simple. Working within these constraints, he uses tape and thick layers of paint to understand and break down the processes of creating his works. Mahler paints on burlap due to its accessibility, both physically economic, which gives each surface an inherent texture and relates back to his interest in kitsch and DIY culture.

Matthew Mahler's finished paintings speak to the continuous nature of process art, as if more layers or lines could be added indefinitely. We love how Mahler gives control to his instructions and his masking tape, with a captivating result.

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