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Elise Puddy

Guelph-based artist Elise Puddy surrenders control to the materials of drawing to create captivatingly enigmatic graphic work.

Tendrils of graphite and pools of ink create intricacies to pull the viewer in, their fluidity allowing them to exist as shape shifters, conveying a bird's eye view or the depths of the ocean floor. As Puddy states, they have an ability "to change identity from; terrestrial to cosmic, atomic to macroscopic, biological to mineral, but still remain ambiguous." Allowing the element of chance to be a crucial part of her process, Puddy has built a practice that feels akin to a scientific experiment, it is an exploration of the possibilities of drawing.

Elise Puddy invites us to examine each drawing as we would a petri dish, questioning it's contents and observing the resulting work as a one-of-a-kind physical reaction. We love her deep search for an understanding of her materials and the stunning body of work she has developed.

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