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Angeline Simon

Angeline Simon is an artist based out of Lethbridge, Alberta who works in many disciplines including photography, collage, and installations. Her series of sculptures caught our attention with their powerful message.

Simon creates replicas of everyday items that seem to shrug with insignificance; a styrofoam container, a coffee cup, a pair of pill bottles. These overlooked, disposable items are so tenderly recreated in plaster or coated in wax they appear as artifacts, mementos of the flawed human existence. They stand as beautiful and stoic sculptures, however they create a passionate response in their viewers. Through Simon's hand, the function of each original object has been removed, bringing their unsustainable, few-use purpose sharply into light now that they are rendered unusable.

Each of Angeline Simon's sculptures creates an opportunity to reflect on how many of the items she has frozen in time forever we've thoughtlessly thrown off to the landfill. We love how this body of work pushes to raise environmental consciousness and create more conscious consumption.

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