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Claire Scherzinger

Victoria based artist Claire Scherzinger creates otherworldly paintings that explore an alternate reality.

Rooted in a colour palette that is dark and chilling, her paintings pulsate with a teal, nuclear glow. Their ambiguous atmosphere creates mystery, leaving their locations unmarked and unfamiliar; the unexplored universe sets the stage for this body of work. Through thin washes of built up paint, landscapes and surreal figures, plants, and animals emerge. Diverse life forms are supported by this unearthly planet and we are mirrored back in their civilization, an imminent foreshadowing of the vast destruction of our world and the survival strategies required to adapt to an unknowable future.

Each of Claire Scherzinger's works are deeply rooted in extra-terrestrial fantasy and portray an extraordinary ecosystem beyond our imagination. Her painting practice is continued through Arca-45672, a sci-fi podcast pushing the boundaries of visual and digital communication.

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