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Brubey Hu

Brubey Hu is a painter currently based in Waterloo exploring the boundaries of colour and composition.

Matte colour fields and crisp edges fill one canvas and spill over onto the next. Brubey incorporates the edges of her works into their composition, allowing the negative space between the diptychs to complete the shapes on their surfaces; the divisions connect a horizon or extend a rectangle. Pushing the materiality of the paintings further, forms flow from the front to the side to be completed on the perpendicular planes. The paintings connote concrete structures, light filled windows, or cleanly laid tile. Their muted colour palette softens the hard edges of her abstractions, washing them in the diluted light of an overcast sky.

Brubey Hu's work suggests familiar spaces and structures, bringing beauty to the overlooked architecture and linework of our everyday lives. We love these seemingly effortless pastel paintings.

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