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Michelle MacKinnon

Michelle MacKinnon is a Corner Brook, NL, based artist creating incredibly intricate graphite drawings of textile surfaces and corporal fragments.

The series "not quite perfect" flawlessly exemplifies her ability to capture not only the incredible detail and likeness of her subject, but her affection for it as well. In MacKinnon's work, rows of knitted yarn are meticulously recreated, and fingers knit tightly together are filled with life on the page. Flesh and fibre are placed side by side, highlighting their common softness, subtle patterns, and coexisting beauty and function. These drawings are steeped with love, it sits between each deconstructed row and ragged crease. Through the labour of her practice she offers each fragmented drawing to the viewer as her dedication to finding her place within these works and the concept of home they represent.

Michelle MacKinnon's drawings are a meditation on the place of home, both around us and within us. They are filled with a nostalgia for the people, places, and things we have left behind and are carefully creating a new familiarity, one row at a time.

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